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Two settlers from the Givat Ha Harsina settlement attacked seven-year-old Amar Za’atari on Wednesday, December 16th while he, a brother, and a cousin were walking home from school. The two young settler men threw stones at the three boys and, along with a dog, chased them. In his panic to get away Amar tripped and fell on his face. His twelve-year-old brother ran back, scooped him up and raced to the safety of the closest house in the Al-Bweireh neighborhood.

Several weeks ago, a settler on horseback attempted to snatch Amar's sister, Shahad al- Za'atari. Their mother told CPT that Amar is so afraid to walk home by himself that he walks to the Jr. high School his brother attends and sits with him in class for an hour-and a-half each day until his brother's classes are dismissed.

Amar's father went to the police station on Thursday, December 17th to file a complaint. The police said they had to interview Amar himself. When he came to the station, a police officer asked the seven-year-old if he had any pictures of his attackers.