Israel and Palestine : Competing Histories

Ideal for anyone approaching the subject for the first time this is the most accurate, accessible and up-to-date account available -- Following on from their acclaimed book Bad News from Israel, Greg Philo and Mike Berry present a concise guide to the Israel-Palestine conflict. This uniquely accessible book will appeal to anyone looking for an approachable introduction. Uniquely, the authors show how there are many different, competing histories. They offer an overview of the wide range of contending viewpoints, and indicate those which are based on the most considered historical research. The book covers key events in chronological order, in each case examining the varied historical accounts and presenting the beliefs of key thinkers across the ideological spectrum, from Edward Said to Binyamin Netanyahu. Starting the with emergence of the Zionist movement in the nineteenth century, and the figures who shaped it, the authors go on to cover the founding of Israel and its subsequent history, up to and including the 'roadmap for peace', the construction of the wall, the death of Arafat and the withdrawal from Gaza. Praise for Bad News from Israel: "This superb study ... is extensive in scope, and scrupulously fair. It will be a landmark." Edward S. Herman, co-author (with Noam Chomsky) of Manufacturing Consent