Sharing the Land of Canaan

There is no more compelling and dramatic unfolding story, with more profound international ramifications, than the conflict in the Middle East. Over five million Palestinian refugees were created and almost an equal number of new immigrants and settlers have come under the banner of Zionism. The unrest and injustices created have ramifications for all humanity, as seen in recent events.

Sharing the Land of Canaan is a critical documentation of these events and the core issues of the conflict, with the view that human rights are key to any plans for a lasting peace. There is a growing interest in a vision and a roadmap for peace based on human rights among Israelis, Palestinians, and human rights activists around the world. A shared future is increasingly recognized as far more realistic than separation and continued injustice.

This book examines facts on the ground and articulates future directions based on the logic of equality and human rights, rather than apartheid. The advocated solutions are not only moral, ethical, and humane but can actually achieve a lasting and just peace. People who now live in this land of Canaan and those dispossessed from it will find the roadmap presented here compelling.